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Science Fiction & Fantasy


Star Wars posters

The Club...

Favorite Science Fiction Publisher

Baen Books is my favorite science fiction publisher. Baen publishes science fiction and fantasy books exclusively, as far as I can tell. Significantly, Baen believes that e-books are, or will be, a significant distribution mechanism for books. Baen publishes links and, frequently, early chapters of books in their upcoming publishing schedule.

They also have web subscriptions to books that are in the final stages of publishing. Most, or all, of the Baen books are available for purchase on-line at reasonable prices.

In addition, Baen believes that free distribution of some books by an author will encourage the purchase of both those books and subsequent books by the author. The Baen Free Library has a number of free books.

The Books...


Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

This fantasy series is the classic story of good versus evil. The Second Age of the world has become known as the Age of Legends. Before the breaking of the world and the loss of much of mankind's knowledge, and property, some men and women were able to touch the True Source and do magnificent things with the Power. Until they found an apparent well of power and metaphysically drilled a hole into it -- the cell in which the Creator had sealed the Dark One at the moment of Creation. By heroic efforts, the Dark One's prison was resealed.

Whether we call it telekinetics or "using the True Source," for men, the Power was tainted by the Dark One's counter stroke. Men who can touch the source invariably go mad. Women aren't affected as such, but men who can touch the male Power have been weeded out of the gene pool for a thousand years. Now, the Seals are weakening on the Dark One's prison. The Chosen, his 13 male and female lieutenants who can touch and use the source, are again walking the earth.

Into this world come a trio of young farm boys...

Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens): Ryomou Shimei PVC Figure
- $ 26.39
Imported from Japan! Seven schools are constantly at war with each other and the students within have become skilled fighters. Their lives and fates are guided by strange jewels that contain the spirits and destinies of warriors from the Sangokushi period. The lovely and talented Ryoumou Shimei is r...

Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens) Extra !StoryImageFigure! Sonsaku Hakufu in School Uniform Figure
- $ 28.49
Imported from Japan! You don't need to be a fan of the 'fan service' favorite Ikki Tousen (a.k.a. Battle Vixens) to appreciate the buxom beauty of this lil' gal! Meet Sonsaku Hakufu, possessor of the soul of the legendary Chinese warrior... and an insatiable appetite for battle! Think you can take...

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